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Guangzhou Heng Wang Cleaning Products Co., Ltd. is a research, development, production and sales of diversified high technology company, owns human resources center, R & D center, production Product manufacturing center, marketing center. Fully committed to all kinds of high-tech fine chemical products, scientific research and development, manufacturing, sales promotion. Heng Wang enterprises will strive to become the most famous fine Fine Chemical Engineering Group, which aims to provide a better idea of endless, products and services, and promote the fine chemical industry continues to reach new heights. We always abide by the "people-oriented, Science as the guide, seek survival with quality, brand first "concept of corporate culture, with the times, seize opportunities, constant improvement, innovation, and to adhere to the" environmental technology, leading technology, expertise Business quality, customer first "business philosophy, research and development at home and abroad to fill gaps in a number of patented technologies, has introduced a" clean water "as the basis for a variety of proprietary patented product. The introduction of Advanced management system and cutting-edge science and technology, development of world-class, high-quality green cleaning products, has successfully built a "You Yi" brand.
The company has world class modern plant, fully automatic production line, matching the biochemical rooms, advanced scientific testing equipment: has a modern workshop environment and comfortable, with six true Air homogeneous emulsion production line, eight automated assembly line, establishing a closed pipeline system automation, to achieve the production of raw materials to finished output automatically. The company also has high standards Reverse osmosis water treatment plant, 1 million ultra-clean sterile test room, component and product testing stations, from the Automatic liquid sample to test the quality of products, can make accurate analysis and testing, do Ensure production of high quality products.
The company "business integrity, and sustainable development" as a fundamental strategy, both in research and development, production or marketing, advertising planning and so on, have cultivated a high-quality, efficient Strong team. Over the years, the company embodies the biological, chemical, environmental science experts in various fields such as the collective wisdom to achieve a natural plant extract with the perfect combination of modern technology, achievement, "You Yi "excellent product quality and elegance of style taste.
Looking to the future, Guangzhou Heng Wang cleaning supplies will succeed to progressive growth of the principles of diversity management, strategizing, to grasp business opportunities, expand production scale and take the brand extension strategy, High quality and excellent after-sales service to consumers, a new cleaning concept to meet consumer demand.

With cutting-edge R & D, first-class production capacity, excellent marketing innovation, top-notch training, strength, has won praise from many customers. Sound, rapid development of the cause of constant Wang, Cherish, honesty and quality to conquer the consumer, to conquer its partners, to build peace and prosperity Hang Wong.

Hard work, pragmatism, innovation and development. Is our spirit.
Manufacturing quality products, provide quality service. It is our aim.
Market-oriented, consumer-centric. Is our business policy.
People-oriented, quality-oriented. It is our belief.
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