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Virtuous inspirational Dusing honest hard work ahead successfully introduce new attention to detail is our persistent pursuit of excellence is our standard of perseverance and never give up

Business goals
Introduced to create famous brand famous famous enterprises striving to

Development Concept
Concerned about the process of tempering process is results-oriented philosophy results is the value of technological innovation and marketing innovation management update update

Marketing Idea
Romans do the best to achieve localization

Service concept
Service-oriented, rapid response, immediate action to allow customers to move to allow customers excited

Management concept
Long-term vision and short-term plans. Looking ahead to the future-oriented, concentrating on the next step, every step, gradually approaching the ultimate goal

Everyone is striving to become Maxima horses from the masses to the masses will be carried out in the end training
Care companies focus on talent development Talent Training personnel to retain talent and improve talent talent

Constantly learning have always thought every day there are plans to target every month there have assessed the outcome of key items

Enterprise Value
Work together to create a win-win partnership is always a wealth of business, proactive self-discipline team of honest real assets of the enterprise

Core Competence
High-tech products, value cost-effective, professional technical support and efficient services; advocate who Heng Wang scientific values, outlook on life and methodology

Heng Wang person values:
Sincere cooperation, hand in hand success to create a miracle, with success

Heng Wang person of life:
Value of work, dedication bring happiness, passion mentality

Heng Wang who Methodology:
Loyalty, and progressive, practical work, conceited or rash sustained

Heng Wang who work style:
Rapid response, immediate action, never give up, persist in the end, until the success

Help each partner in the Hang Wang family in the path to success, sharing the results of harvest!

Create first-class products, first-class team, unify thinking, unity of recognition behavior, solidarity and cooperation to create maximum value for enterprises and individuals.

MNE Declaration

We -
Full of wisdom, full of passion, relying on technological innovation, allowing customers to enjoy cost-effective, high-tech products and high-quality and stable service.

We -
Facing the challenge, be creative and weave with the extraordinary performance of the sweat, constant returns to give the community confidence and support of Wang.

We -
Solidarity, selfless, and is a source of constant busy to create brilliant.

We -
Seeking partners, employees, the company's common sustainable development, the cause of the nation's water clean and pay sincere and everlasting love.
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