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Marketing team of young, talented solidarity, through nearly 10 years of management and accumulation, the company already has established a perfect and mature sales network, mainly formed by the Pearl River Delta, the radiation

, The world's product sales market.

Of "competitive products through rapid market penetration through detailed occupation and expansion of standardized operations market" business philosophy to build credibility and establish a brand.

To "strive to allow customers to move" as the service, and constantly improve service quality, customer satisfaction.

"Using high-quality products to create human" health clean "life", is the belief Hang Wong.

Team purpose

Customer first, service first, credit first, quality first, honest, common development.

Team spirit

Professional skills, excellence and interaction with others, honest generous, rigorous and realistic working attitude, the company system, curried, thought behavior, open and above board, honest colleagues, students, united
Spirit, and pursuit of innovation, in order to break through.

Creed of life

Me believe that my company, I believe my product;

My trust company's operating model, and I believe my colleagues and partners;

I believe my customers, I think confidence is the world's most beautiful word;

I believe I will succeed!

Successful approach

Reasonable is to train and unreasonable, it is torture!

Is reasonable is my exercise!


Sharing common goals, mutual help, dedication, honor and disgrace


Heart and one mind: the team who enjoy each other, mutual trust, the common wish and long-term goals; character may be different, but the ideas and the same direction.

Help each other: not only help others to find you, provide whatever help; also always looking for opportunities to take the initiative to help colleagues to master those skills and information that other people

Necessary, the provision should take the initiative to others; other hand, we can frankly to accept other people for help.

Selfless dedication: members willing to organizations or colleagues to work extra hard; rather than bent forward to return.

Woe: Team pride is that every team member a sense of pride in achievement; this feeling together, they become invincible fighting groups.


Go all out, hard unimpeded pursuit of excellence


Go all out: to do anything has to be fully successful in you being the best, persevere, stick to it.

Hard unimpeded: not experienced rain, rainbow; no one can casually succeed. Please be assured that there is a rainbow after the storms!

Pursuit of excellence: the rapid development of the information age, we must continuously strive for faster, better, stronger.


Learning, hard work, simple, passionate

Learning: Continuing to the invisible visible, books and book learning outside the knowledge, get wisdom, and stop means stop learning success.

Hard: one step ahead than others, pay a little more than others, often able to win more.

Simple: make targets more focused, more effective efforts. Many people fail is lack of concentration, focus not last.

Passion: the ability to make rational access to sublimation of passion will enable you to go from good success, from good to great.

Human Philosophy:

Respect for people, life experiences and develops the people


Respect: people have their own natural attributes and social attributes, in the realization of human management of the premise of respect for the personality, respect for the needs of staff development, and respect for the ability of staff to respect officers

Life experiences of people: Hang Wong of business in development will undergo various tests; also a member of Hang Wong enterprises should stand the test of external and internal market; like a blue streak, resilient, world

Between its own justice, it pays off.

Development of the human: everyone is a treasure, and constantly guide the Hang Wang enterprise members to learn and explore the potential opportunities to provide long-calcined to Make in the storms grow and develop in the hone.

Heng Wang enterprise human resource is the core of the most valuable resources, all our work from people start rising!

Market concept

Quality, innovation and guide the market, sales achievement future!


Innovative manufacturing advantages, guide the market; focus on customer service and sales achievements in the future!

We not only have the existing market, but also create new markets.

Customers never buy the products you sell, but your expertise, sincere and determined attitude, and moving services for customers.

Highlights of the world from the forces of supply and demand of products, human life only becomes more colorful. Sales of our lives as air presence, the sales volume is a source of wealth, the road to spiritual freedom of

No matter how each person's professional status, in fact, is a salesman.

Service concept

Provide customers with service beyond expectations


All questions from the customer point of view, to find a solution; improve customer satisfaction, the only way that we have the survival and development opportunities.

With the idea of dedication to do service, high quality services with professional skills to provide customers with service beyond expectations; to customer satisfaction, we have to be considered successful.

Brand Concept

Establish the brand set up a personal brand before


Gold Silver praise as customers, Gold Cup silver cup as customer word of mouth, better than a thousand good million customers with the good.

Brand building companies from the Hang Wang brand awareness of each employee, whether in work or study life, whether at home or abroad, whether within or outside the enterprise, should be

The awareness of such a brand, a man so handsome natural modesty
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